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SovaCare ExperienceTable

The SovaCare ExperienceTable covers a wide range of multitouch solutions designed to stimulate recall, improve communication between residents, and offer entertainment. Extensive implementation trials in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium show that the ExperienceTable improves the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia.

Stimulating interaction

The SovaCare ExperienceTable supports care teams in hospitals and care homes in their good work for older adults and people with dementia. The ExperienceTable helps to stimulate the senses and brain, on a very friendly way. It has a positive effect on the wellbeing, mood and cognition. The ExperienceTable consists of software for doing activities together, it aims at reminiscence with photographs and children songs, and it comes with a package of challenging software activities that combines fine motor skill and cognitive therapy. Used sensitively and thoughtfully, the technology of the ExperienceTable enhances rather than replaces human relationships and interactions. The SovaCare ExperienceTable is a valuable tool in the care for vulnerable people. 


SovaCare is the international branch of Onwijs Multitouch Specialists, a Dutch-based multitouch company committed to making modern technology accessible for e.g. healthcare, education, libraries and museums. Our flagship The ExperienceTable has been tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of the elderly and persons with dementia. The ExperienceTable (ErlebnisTisch), is a success in the Netherlands, with over 400 bought by enthusiastic clients, and already starting with clients in Denmark, Belgium, South Korea, Germany and the UK as well. We are now seeking to extend its distribution further abroad. To that end, we are interested in meeting international partners who can help us break into these markets, companies with an existing distribution network and client contacts, as well as a motivated sales staff.

More than 500 tables in use.
Fast service and response.
Dozens of applications, even before optional additions.
Conversations with residents, who were actually speaking to each other.


Times Past – Photo Album

Times Past – Memories in video

Times Past – Memories in pictures

Times Past – The Kitchen

Times Past – Shopping

Times Past – Singalong

Times Past – Adverts

The 30’s to 60’s Jukebox



Drawing: Messy Fingers

Colours experience



Activities Menu – activities developed for people with dementia